Dodo do do - monofog
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bee grid monofog video 2019

David Sutherland founded the audio-visual group m o n o f o g in 2014 with partner Ilauszky Tamás. This British and Hungarian duo assembled all the lo-fi and junk instruments  and started by simply 'playing' with the idea of music and looking at the acoustic bodies also as art objects.  

“ … Our instruments are 'mono' - the audio junk of a disposable world. We celebrate the broken instrument and found object. The bicycle wheel is bowed - the corrugated insulation pipe is sounded. Carrots are strategically positioned on guitars.” 


The 21st Century collage has expanded its previous boundaries and we can now listen to it ( thanks to m o n o f  o g ) . The found object was once marvelled at but it is now blown, bowed and sounded. Hoorah !


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